Stocklock Masterclass

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What You Get With This Offer

  • Lifetime access to the masterclass video lessons
  • Lifetime access to the private Discord chatroom where you 'll get plenty of trading ideas from the admins every day
  • Weekly live webinars where you can ask questions
  • Stocklock's custom scan codes and layouts on TC2000
  • Stocklock's special deal with his favorite broker (this will save you a lot on commissions and fees)



Masterclass Pro


was $1997

  • 10 trading strategies
  • 40+ hours of video lessons
  • Private chatroom for more trade ideas and questions
  • QNA webinars
  • Custom scans and layouts on TC2000
  • Special commission deal for lower fees on selected broker

*Zoom live trading is not included in this purchase. It's an optional service only available to masterclass students and it costs $99 per month charged yearly.



You can get the Masterclass for free if you open a trading account with Colmex Pro.


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Ronak is a real masterclass student and he was not compensated to give this review. He mentions his Discord and social media name if people want to verify.


Justin's Testimonial

Justin is a real masterclass student and he was not compensated to give this review. He is Distronics (IT Hitman) on Discord if you want to ask him questions.


John's Testimonial

John is a real masterclass student and he was not compensated to give this review. He goes by the name jmarkstrader on Discord if you want to reach out.


Masterclass Special Promo

Get a life time access to the best Day-Trading course out there

*There will be no refunds on the promotion price as this price offer a 50% discount. 


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