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From the desk of:  Stelios Stylianou


Hey there ...

My name is Stelios and I want to thank you for checking out my website.

My goal for you is simple:

1. I want to get you day trading profitably every day so you have FULL control over your time!

Notice that I said TIME and not MONEY.

Freedom of TIME = The Ultimate FREEDOM!

And I'll be upfront and honest with you ... there is no better way to achieve that than through day trading.

If you've been watching my alerts on Twitter for a while, you'll know that I do things a bit different.

Thanks to my perfected day trading system, I am able to call out alerts way ahead of time.

And if you study my rule-based trading strategies, you will be able to do this too.

But I'll get a bit more into that further down this page. Let's continue.

So what makes me, Stelios, the guy with a Greek accent the right guy to turn you into a self-sufficient, consistently profitable day trader?

Well, my story actually starts a decade back.

I first got interested in trading 13 years ago.

My dad lost some money when he tried to invest in the stock market and this was the trigger for me.

I wanted to know... why so many people lose money with trading and what about those who win.. what are the winners doing different?

So i started studying and searching on the internet and that's how i found technical analysis.

I bought a few books and started learning technical analysis. Then I found on Google all these day traders that seemed to make millions per year with penny stocks.

I bought a few courses and I started practising on demo accounts.

After a year or so I opened a real $10k account.

I blew up that account in 2 months ...

That really hurt! Big time!

So I started studying more.

Bought more courses.

Learned more strategies.

... and i gave it another shot with only a $5k account this time.

I blew up my second account in just 3 months ...

Hey, I lasted a bit longer with my second account at least!

I was really frustrated and i was ready to quit.

But trading was already in my soul.

It had become my passion ... almost an addiction, and as in any addiction  its hard to quit.

I took the year off and started studying again.

I must have spent over $10k in courses in just that 1 year.

In the meantime, I was trading a demo account and it was really helping me iron the creases out of my system.

After hundreds, if not thousands of hours of trial and error, I started seeing some progress and a little bit more consistency.

I found 2 strategies that I was actually good at ... and I started making them my own ... adding and removing my own rules.

That was the period that everything clicked.

I was becoming more and more consistent on paper and I was working on my discipline & mindset. But rading real money it's a different ball game.


I was ready to trade a LIVE account once more ...

So i opened a Colmex account with $10k and started applying everything I had learnt all this time.

It worked ... I made $3k my first month and that was it ... 

I have been profitable ever since then.

It took me a couple of years but now I can say I've reached the level of a pro trader as I am making a steady income.

Through the years I have perfected the strategies I use and I will present them to you in my new course, Stocklock Masterclass.

It's the 'paint-by-numbers' day trading system you've been looking for to get you to profitability.

What Stocklock Masterclass will do is teach you the hard and fast 'paint-by-numbers' rules that I trade with daily and became a consistent trader.


Can You Tell Me More About Your Strategies, Stelios?

Of course ... let me explain in detail my eight strategies and why they work, and how they make me over $1,000 per day!

SL-15: The Big Bang Strategy

I had to start with my SL-15 strategy as it is the ultimate powerhouse! This is my secret sauce strategy that I haven't shared before. People ask me on Twitter how I'm able trade so consistently every day ... and this is the answer.  

SL-1: 9 EMA

The way that I trade 9 EMA plays is completely different to anything you will have seen before. I have devised a set of criteria to look for so that we can pinpoint our exact entry and exits that make this strategy very profitable with only a small risk.

SL-2: Momentum Continuation

You may have heard the fake gurus talking about momentum plays touting "buy the breakout" nonsense. Ignore everything you've been told as my unique twist accompanied with my laser targeted entry and exit rules will put you on the profitable side of these plays.

SL-3: Four Soldiers

This is one of my oldest and most reliable trading strategies. You're going to enjoy this one as it's great for building small accounts. It's a mean reversion strategy and it uses 2 timeframes. We find our setup on the 15min and we execute our entry on the 1min.

SL-4: Parabolic Short

After staring at charts for the past 13 years I've noticed a very predictable pattern for catching those parabolic shorts VERY early. If you love to short stocks, then you will be smiling to yourself as I teach you this strategy in the videos inside the course.

SL-5: The 2pm Setup

I would say that 80% of the time I am done trading by 11:30am, but I will often log back in to catch my 2pm setup. I have devised some very specific trigger criteria to catch those account building, post-2pm, all-day-faders.

SL-6: The Opening bell

Market open's at 9:30 am est time. You often see me taking few fast trades at the open and you wonder what setup did i see. In this strategy i will teach you exactly how to profitably trade the first 10 minutes of the market open.

SL-7: Zeus Hammer

You see a stock going up on multiple days and you wish you knew when is a good time to short them without getting squeezed? The Zeus Hammer strategy will teach you how to time your entry like a sniper. No guessing.

SL-10: The short squeeze

When a stock is down more that 10% for the day, the sell short restriction rule is activated. Traders cannot use the bid to short the stock. When short sellers lose control and buyers take over, short sellers rush to cover their positions and the stock squeezes to the upside. I will teach you how to pin point your entry to profit from this setup.

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John is a real member who purchased this course and he wasn't compensated in any way to give this review.


Real Students Testimonials

Taking this masterclass will cut your learning curve and give you all the tools you need to be a profitable trader and make a living out of it. But don't take my word for it. See what other students say.

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Trade live with Stelios and Bagcollector for 2 hours per day

Session starts at 9:00 a.m. est. We build a watchlist, find our daily levels and create a game plan. At 9:30 a.m. The market opens and we call our trades, entries and exits.

We share our charts screen and explain the trades we take on the charts so you can learn.

Expect anywhere from 3 to 10 trade calls per day.



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Thank you again for checking out my page.

I look forward to meeting you in the members area.

Yours Sincerely,

Stelios Stylianou

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