Trade live with us - Watch the video below to see exactly how we run Zoom live

Zoom live trading subscription gives you access to my daily Zoom sessions where i trade live. It does not give you access to the strategy videos and lessons. You should subscribe to this service only if you:

  • Want to hear our thinking process when we analyse a chart and execute a trade.
  • Want to watch Stelios's screen with the 12 charts he is watching and listen to him, or any of the admins as they trade live. 
  • Want to listen to Stelios, Yianni and Furlano calling their entries and exits on the trades they take.
  • Want to ask a question about a specific trade.


*By singing up you understand and agree that this service is for entertainment purposes only and not a financial advise.

Paid Monthly


  • Monthly access to our daily live stream when the US stockmarket is open
  • This is a recurring payment, you will be charged this amount every month, until you decide to cancel 
  • No refunds for any reason

Paid Yearly


Value for money


  • 1 payment of $1188 for the year.
  • Yearly access to our daily live stream when the US stockmarket is open.
  • This is a recurring payment. You will be charged every year, until you decide to cancel.
  • No refunds for any reason.