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Trade the firm's money

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The biggest obstacle new traders are facing, is eneficient capital. All U.S brokers, require a minimum $25000 deposit if someone wants to take more than 3 trades in a week. It's the so called PDT rule (pattern daytrader rule).
Not everyone has $25000 to start trading though. And you don't have to, cause there are other better ways out there.
One of the best is Tradenet academy. Tradenet offers an amazing self study course for $450. One can complete the course in less than a week and during that week, he can test what he is learning, trading a demo account. After completing the self study course, Tradenet will offer him a real $14000 account to start. The maximum drawdown on this account is $700. So if the trader brings the account down to $13300, the account will close, but the loss will be covered from Tradenet. Trader pays $450 one time fee and that's it, even in a case of a loss. If the trader is profitable he can get a payout every month, 70% of the profits he made. If the trader changes his mind he has up to 14 days to ask for a full refund and get out of the program.
It's a great way for someone new to start, cause you get education and a chance to trade real money and have a stream of income, all in one payment.


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